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Weight Loss Tips
Nov 16, 2008
One: Drink Herbal Tea
Urges for sweet and snacks arrive? Try drinking herbal teas like apple cinnamon, almond or orange. In preparing tea alone it helps to take your mind off of junk food. Also the heat from the tea fills you up and the aroma helps to satisfy your cravings.

Two: Limit High Carbohydrate Foods
In maximize the fat burning process, it is best to gradually eliminate carbohydrates towards the end of the day. It helps minimizing your chances of storing fat late at night.

Three: Don’t Drink Alcohol
Alcohol contains many empty calories this ultimately produces fat and nothing else.

Four: Self Motivation
Find an incentive for getting in shape and burning fat. Write down your goal and put it in a location where you can see it everyday, such as the refrigerator. Motivations will really keep you going

Five: Take Low Calorie Food Alternatives
Try save as many calories as you can. Instead of soda take water as substitute, baked chicken for friend chicken or sandwiched instead for pizza.

Six: Don’t Starve Yourself
Starving promotes bigger rebound effect because your body likes to hold on from what it is deprived of. Fuel your body every 2 to 3 hours with small meals.

Seven: Drink 1 or More Glasses of Water before Meals
It will help fill the stomach and give you a full feeling.

Eight: Be Consistent
Weight loss tips will not work if you don’t give them a chance. It may take for a while to see results. Key to effectiveness is consistency.

Nine: Don’t use the Scale
Scales can be misleading. Here is an example, if you are losing body fat and body weight but muscle, the scale won’t necessarily reflect the difference between the two. The best thing to do is monitor the inches you lose because inches never lie.

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A Simple Diet Plan
Nov 8, 2008

Do you find dieting too taxing? Is it so complicated that it hurts thy whittle brain? Perhaps you need a diet plan. A diet plan that you can easily execute without having to execute your diet plan.

A diet plan is based on foods that are closest to their natural state It may include a lot of raw fruits and vegetables. This is a big part of the official food pyramid - even if a person is not simple dieting. Raw foods tend to hold fewer calories and fat in comparison to cooked and processed foods. Here is what a simple diet plan may look like for one day:

Breakfast: 1/2 melon, 1 serving of original oats, 1 cup of skimmed milk.

Lunch: 1 apple, 2 Tablespoons of peanut butter; 1 ounce of cheese, assorted raw veggies served with a sweet yogurt dip.

Dinner: Large salad filled with raw green, yellow and orange veggies, a few nuts, dried fruits and served with light dressing made with crushed fruit. A hunk of wheat grain bread with a smear of butter. 1/2 acorn squash topped with a spoon of raw sugar. A cup of milk.

8 cups of water is incorporated throughout the day. A steady 20 minute walk is also enjoyed at some point during the day.

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Simple Diet Tips
Nov 2, 2008

Clothes are getting tight? You don’t want to go out and waste money on new clothes? Here are some tips in how to lose extra weight so you don’t have to squeeze into your pants anymore.

1. Focus on diet manipulation –the fastest way to lose a lot of weight is through diet. Just always remember to get at least 20 grams of protein at each meal, because protein does two things.

Number one, it speeds up your metabolism. That’s a good thing since it forces your body to burn off more calories while you go about doing whatever it is you doing during the day and night.

Number two, protein helps to act as a buffer to blood sugar spikes which caused by simple sugar and carbohydrate dominant foods.

The protein slows down its release of sugar into your blood. Some prefer black beans it has protein on it and because it can be use as a side dish to many different meals, black beans has protein and fiber. Fiber in black beans helps fill you up so you eat less of the meal.

2. Take a cold shower –you don’t need to take a cold shower the whole time, just take a normal shower. Switch over the water to really cold and rinse off with that cold water for 15 seconds after you’re done with your normal shower. This helps making your body burn off body fat to warm itself up.

This is one way to lost does extra fat because your body will burn the extra fats for hours and is called thermogenesis.

These tips are the some ways on how to lose extra fats while still allowing yourself to eat your favorite foods. But of course, consulting to professionals is still the besting to do.

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