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Skin Wrinkles
Oct 31, 2008
Seeing random folds in you skin? That is called wrinkles.

Wrinkle is a ridge or crease of a surface, people may have a genetic predisposition to severe wrinkling, it is known that too much exposure to the sun promotes and exacerbates wrinkling of the skin. Smoking can negatively affect the skin, habitual facial expressions, aging, poor hydration and various other factors can cause wrinkles. Water depletion in the body, as occurs with dehydration can also cause this puckering of the skin.

Other information on wrinkles:
What're wrinkles?
Skin wrinkles are grooves in the skin. Wrinkles can be on the surface of the skin or can be quite deep. Wrinkles are the thin, creased, and sagging skin.

How a wrinkle is formed?
Normal ageing leads to the formation of skin wrinkles. Wrinkles are also caused by facial expressions.

What causes wrinkles?
As a person ages, skin cells divide more slowly. Sun exposure promotes and exacerbates wrinkling of the skin. Smoking may also negatively affect the skin.

What treatments are available to cure wrinkle?
For fine wrinkles, retinoic acid may be applied to the skin to fill in the crevices. Wrinkles may also be treated by topical creams and ointments.

What cosmetic therapies are available for wrinkles?
Cosmetic therapies for the treatment of wrinkles are facelifts, laser resurfacing, non-ablative laser resurfacing.

What medical treatments are available for wrinkles?
Topical products are beneficial for skin damaged by the sun and also by natural aging. Alpha hydroxy acids facilitate the shedding of dead skin cells.

How to prevent the development of wrinkles?
Onset of wrinkles and further progression of those already present can be prevented by avoiding episodes of excessive sun exposure.

What anti wrinkle creams and cosmetics are available?
Cosmetics, if properly applied, can be surprisingly effective in camouflaging the signs of aging skin, including wrinkles and age spots.

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Stay Energized All Day
Oct 23, 2008
The 10 Simple Eating Tips to Stay Energized All Day
by Monique Ryan, MS, RD

1. Start the day right. Yes, that means breakfast. Combine a whole grain with fruit, skim dairy, or soy milk, and even add some lean protein to the mix to sustain energy levels throughout the morning. Cooked oatmeal with yogurt and a banana or Lite Mueslix with soy milk and blueberries are good choices.

2. Have a mid-morning snack. Combine a protein and a carbohydrate. It is fine to be hungry mid-morning, so honor your hunger and give your body fuel when it is asking for it. Try yogurt with a peach, low fat string cheese with an apple, or cottage cheese and grapes.

3. Eat lunch on time. Don't push back lunch until you are ravenous. Instead, eat your mid-day fuel right on time to keep your blood glucose levels nice and steady.

4. Boost your mental energy. Nature's nutrition for the brain are omega-3 fatty acids. Add light tuna or salmon to your lunchtime food choices, in addition to walnuts, tofu, and canola oil. Healthy fat keep you feeling full for a longer period of time, so add small amounts to meals and snacks. Some good choices include avocado and almonds.

5. Start the day with moderate caffeine levels and keep caffeine intake modest. While it does increase mental energy, too much caffeine may lead to energy highs and then lows, and it can interferes with quality sleep.

6. Limit processed foods high in sugar. Avoid the office candy jar, treats, and vending machine whenever possible. Processed foods do not provide sustained energy and can result in low-energy moments during the day.

7. Consume foods high in folate. Higher levels of blood folate have been associated with faster and better thought processing. Good sources include lentils, chickpeas, black beans, asparagus, broccoli, avocado, and orange juice. Also important are vitamins B6, found in bananas and spinach, and B12, found in lean proteins and skim dairy products.

8. Have an afternoon snack. If dinner is late or if you have an evening workout scheduled, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat yogurt provide energizing carbohydrate.

9. Consume complex carbohydrates that contain fiber. The fiber allows the carbohydrates to be released more slowly, providing sustained energy. Opt for whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, and whole grain cereals.

10. Stay hydrated. About two-thirds of our body is water, and dehydration can contribute to reduced energy levels. About 80% of the fluid we consume comes from the fluids we drink, and the other 20% comes from foods. Always drink when you are thirsty, and have water available during the day to hydrate regularly.

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Diet for High Cholesterol
Oct 8, 2008
People have varying degrees of success in lowering their cholesterol levels by changing their diets. There are people have high cholesterol because they eat too many fatty foods, if you are one of these people you can reduce your cholesterol by 10% to 20% with diet changes alone, there are others achieve 5% to 8% reduction. Diet changes are often the first steps in lowering cholesterol levels before medicines are added.

The main dietary goal is to reduce the amount of saturated fat you eat, because too much saturated fat can raise cholesterol level. You can reduce the saturated fats in your diet, limiting the amounts of meat and dairy products you consume. Choose low fat content products of food groups instead. Replace most of the animal fat in your diet with unsaturated fat, especially monounsaturated oils, like olive oil, canola or peanut. Monounsaturated fat lowers LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol when to replace saturated fats and maintain HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol activities.

Source: Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes Diet for High Cholesterol

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Understand the 5 Facts and Get Lose of Your Belly Fat
Oct 7, 2008
  1. Many of the so-called healthy foods are actually cleverly disguised junk food, which actually improve to get more fat in the abdomen. However, diet food marketing industry continues to lie to you so they can maximize their profits.
  2. Ab crunch exercises, sit-ups, and ab machines are the least effective method of obtaining flat six-pack abs.
  3. Boring repetitive cardio exercise subprogrammes are not the best way to lose body fat, and found six pack abs.
  4. There is no need to spend money on expensive extreme fat burner pills or other additives supplements.
  5. Ab belts, ab-rock, ab-loungers and other infomercial ab-trick, are all complete waste of time and money. Despite the misleading infomercials, perfectly chiseled fitness models in the commercials did not get their perfect body by using that ab contraption they got their perfect body through real workouts and real nutrition strategies.

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Oct 1, 2008
In many cases, allergy symptoms are difficult to differentiate from the symptoms of other disorders and illness, such as a cold, a deformity of the nose, or food intolerance. For this reason, many doctors suggest that allergies be properly diagnosed by a board-certified allergist (doctors who treats allergies).

Inflammatory reaction affects the tissue and organs, mainly the skin, mucous, membranes, lungs and gastrointestinal tract are the symptoms of allergy.

Itching and watery eyes, runny congested nose and sinuses, sneezing, respiratory symptoms, headache, rapid heart beat and skin reactions are commonly produced symptoms.

To eliminate some allergies drink lots of water, take fruit juices except for citrus, eat vegetables except corn and tomatoes. Eat brown or white rice, turkey, and white fish like halibut, sole, swordfish except for shell fish, almonds, walnuts or sunflower seeds.

If your allergies are causing you to cough, wheeze and have trouble breathing you should see an allergist, to avoid self-administration of inappropriate medications.


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